October 14, 2003

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Everyday, I have my "Basic Japanese" class for three hours (with 10 minute break in the middle). That's a horrendous 90 minute stretch of class each time. I keep myself vitalized with coffee and tea from nearby vending machines.

There's a noticable difference in teaching philosophy between the teachers at Gaidai and teachers I've been with in the past. The ones here seem to be lacking personality. As you folks are likely to already know, I'm a bit of a quack and enjoy pulling out jokes when possible. I make no exception in class; however, I don't think the sensei's here like that sort of thing. Also, I know nothing about them other than their names. I like to know about my teachers: it just makes things more interesting.

Another noticable difference is that students get less individual attention than what I'm accustomed to. Teachers are typically lecturers, assuming that the information is being absorbed by the students. I guess it would be nice if they tried a little harder making sure that we're understanding the information.

Nonetheless, I do my best to shake things up in class. To ensure my best loud-mouthed behavior, I make sure I'm well caffeinated for class and raise my hand to make outrageous remarks at every possible opportunity. Sometimes, it gets a bit difficult when the sensei starts spewing raging streams of Japanese (classes are, no doubt, all in Japanese).

Overall, however, classes are easy. There's homework once or twice a week, a vocab test here and there, and a quiz once a week. When not causing havok in class, I'm out causing trouble around the rest of Kyoto. Rawk!


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