September 09, 2003

the eagle has landed!

Lo' and behold! I have arrived at last!

I actually got a little teary-eyed when the plane landed.

Nonetheless, I'll skip the mundane details and get to the fancy bits! I saw a 60 year old woman smoking. I saw a middle-aged lady with blue hair. I've seen the loose socks and the super-tanned gals with tons of make-up on. I ate at MOS Burger (pretty damned good!). I've had my first meal. I registered for my gaijin card. I registered for health insurance. I opened a bank account with 1 yen in it. I met a cool fellow working at a local restaurant. I checked out my apartment's neighborhood. I purchased a hanko (stamp used like a

I heard a guy talking to a girl on the street, and he said: "aonori... aonori no hou ga ii" and I understood what he was talking about! (Basically: "blue seaweed... blue seaweed is better") Hey, I used to sell fish; I know sushi stuff. :P (BTW: gold is better!)

I still have to get a cellphone.

And I haven't spoken with anyone in English since I left immigration at the airport where I helped some militia get into the right line. I can't believe I opened a bank account in Japanese!

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