August 05, 2003

the post partying predicament

I spent a week preparing for the party, and then I spent a week recovering from the party. Those who were there will understand why.

There was craploads of good food, gallons upon gallons of alcohol, and there were hoards of friends there to enjoy it all! There were homemade cookies, special punch drinks, cheese, bread, chicken, eggrolls, and just so much freakin' food!

Besides the food, there was, of course, the beer! Beer beer beer! Chio and Vince brought Bacardi and made something called a Mojito (alright, I spelled it wrong the first time--thanks Thierry and Dave) which tickled my tummy. Rocco brought a 40oz of King Cobra. And, of course, there was the Vodka... oh, the Vodka.

Well, you can see it all for yourself!

Thanks to all who came! And for those who didn't, you missed a great party! I guess you'll just have to wait until my Return Party for another event as huge as IGHO!

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