August 05, 2003

takin' care of business

Got off the ass and down to the DMV at 8AM to wait in line for an hour and a half to get my motorcycle license. Welp, I passed, and I'm waiting for the official one to plop in the mail soon.

Closed my old bank account, got a new one at a bank I'll be able to use in Japan. I'll be eventually getting an account at the Post Office in Japan too--at least, that's what folks are saying I can do!

Got my International Student ID Card.

Did laundry. Did laundry again.

Got my housing information (I've got a kitchen, awesome!).

E-mailed Mr. Nishihara at KUFS regarding health insurance issues; that guy is so incredibly friendly and helpful!

Still haven't boughten the iBook (I'm waiting for prices to go down more!).

Read a few more chapters from Kavalier and Clay.

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