August 01, 2003

inching closer to kyoto!

It's August! And I'm only a month away from Kyoto!

So, what's the status report so far?

I received my Certificate of Eligibility from KUFS with my packet. With that, I was able to apply for my student VISA, which I did last week. And, at long last, after much bantering and bothersome beauracracy, I was able to get the VISA today.

I got my flight switched from Narita to Kansai Airport, which makes so much more sense since I'm going to Kyoto after all! At the same time, I'm kind of disappointed in not being able to get lost trying to transfer between local trains from Narita to Kyoto. My flight leaves on September 5th!

I'm landing on (duh!) September 6th, five days before I can move in to my apartment. I'm going to make reservations at a place called Kyoto My Pension; I'd typically have no trouble with that, except all the information and the application is in Japanese. Time to break out the Kodansha!

Aw, crap! What am I supposed to pack? Lots of peanut butter and Abercrombie shirts?

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