July 18, 2003

day 18 of july

The days are just sliding by me now. I feel like I haven't done anything productive these past few weeks. Well, today, I got down to some dirty work.

Excuse me for the following geek-talk.

I'm pretty much the system administrator for the network run at home. In preparation for my Japanning action this September, I need to make the network self-sufficient. In the past, there've been occasional downtimes of our 56k (gasp!) connection to the Internet, causing mass mayhem and dismay amongst the other users sharing the line (that's 4 computers sharing a single 56k, double-gasp!).

I believe that I've secured the problem with disconnects with the help of a single line in my crontab to ensure that the connection is up every five minutes.

Then there's the problem of being able to boot without running fsck every time. I've already got a UPS, but I still need to make sure the system can boot without needing someone to twiddle with the system at the console. I've been moving the data partitions to ext3 (just in case I'll need to read them in Windows in the future) and everything else to ReiserFS.

Today, my primary hard disk started going haywire--a bunch of those nasty I/O errors, and in my /var directory too! I quickly copied over to the drive I was planning to install XP on, using ReiserFS on the new partitions. I'm excited: I've read good stuff about ReiserFS, and I'm expecting that it won't let me down.

Balanced Trees freakin' rock!

That's the stuff I love in Computer Science. It's not really the programming (although I do get a kick out of coding); it's more the realization that abstract ideas can become reality in a practical (and elegant!) fashion.

Beer counter: 17 (no more deficit!)

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