July 12, 2003

day 12 of july, karutararu ekusuchenju

Ah, another morning after the Kinyou-kai.

I finally got a packet from Kyoto Gai-dai with a pretty certificate and letter of acceptance and all. At last, I feel like I'm really going. And now I can finally apply to get a VISA!

I found out an interesting tidbit about the Japanese language tonight (err, last night?). Apparently, the use of analogies and making up of new words isn't as common in Japanese as it is in English. I'd always assumed that all languages had folks spitting out new words left and right. For instance, some of my friends make good use of words such as "wakka" and "foopla." Well, that's just a few silly examples of semi-expletives some of my friends and I use. I have a whole slew of fun making up semi-real words that people still understand.

Also, phrases like "she's such a cow" don't come up too often in Japanese without someone having to make an explicit explanation. Come now, it must be obvious that we're saying she's a bit porky! :)

I think I've found the American equivalent of natto. Grits! Really, the stuff is nasty, and yet if you add a whole bunch of crap on top of it, it ends up having some semblance of flavor. As for natto, I've been trying to get to like it, really, but it just ain't happenin'.

Luckily, the folks in Kansai (the region I'll be staying in) aren't really attracted to natto. Ah, people with good taste. :)

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