July 02, 2003

day 1 of july

The countdown to the 22nd begins! As we speak, I am already inebriated from drinking 3/4 of a can of beer on an empty stomach. I plan on drinking a can of beer (or equivalent) every day this month until the 22nd.

Tomorrow night (ergg, that's tonight), I'm meeting with seven people I've never met before to go to this year's Anime Expo in Anaheim. I wasn't going to go this year (I'm not so otaku-ish anymore), but I was tricked by Luis into going, and he ended up bailing on me! It's alright, though. I get to meet some new folks and watch some new anime. If I get a chance to waddle my way to a computer, I'll update accordingly (I'm trying to get an update each day with each beer). We'll see!

Now, time to finish the beer and head to bed. Zzz!

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