July 01, 2003

russian river, camped

This past weekend, Joyce and I joined Jon, Krystal, Audrey, and Hiroshi to go camping in the Russian River Valley. We arrived on Friday evening and setup camp at a strange little campground next to the main road. It wasn't exactly roughin' it.

Anyhow, the weather was atrociously hot when we first arrived. Bay Area weather was unbearable for the un-A/C'ed last week. Temperatures were hitting the 100's, and all I could do last Thursday was say 'hot' and 'atsui' (or, as I like to say: 'hotsui'). When we woke up Saturday morning, the tent was like an oven! I had to get out even though I was still tired--so I ended up sitting in the shade staring at inanimate objects.

We later went swimming in the river, watching several folks flip over in their canoes and lying around in the sun. We also took a walk through Armstrong Woods, strolling amongst some incredible redwoods. Other than that, we spent the rest of the time eating, making fires, and getting drunk.

The weather cooled off, and we were able to find a shadier spot to tent up at. Now, I'm back, exhausted from a weekend of doing too much of nothing.

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