June 24, 2003

mo' money mo' money

There's word on the down low that I'm going to be getting an elevated income (aka, a raise) soon. I recently confronted my supervisor about the situation I'm in: the pay they're giving me isn't worth it to me if I have to drive over an hour in traffic for 40 miles consuming gas and having to pay toll. I think I may have been a bit too up-front and the company's paranoid that I'll just get up and leave.

There is also most likely some culture clash issues going on here, since the company is, after all, a Japanese company. I let them know that I felt like they were constantly emphasizing mistakes I'd made and that I got hardly any kind of praise for the (sometimes impossible) work they gave me. I basically let them know that they should be nice to me: an occasional 'please' or 'onegai shimasu' can go a long way!

I'd like to, now, however, talk about fish.

My company sells what's more commonly referred to here as 'Yellow Tail.' Many customers, because they're Japanese, call it 'Hamachi.' However, we've got another item: the Hamachi fillet which is called 'Ooburi.' Those are just the fresh items. We've also got the 'Hamachi Fillet Frozen' and 'Hamachi 3-Year' which are kind of like the frozen equivalents of 'Ooburi' and 'Hamachi' fresh items respectively. So, we've basically got four kinds of Yellow Tail. Now, it can get kind of frustrating when a customer just says "I'll have one piece Hamachi," and I have no clue which one they want. At least in Japanese, I can kind of distinguish a bit when they say
'ichi-mae' or 'ippon.'

Of course, it all gets muddled up when the sushi chef calls when they're tired and drunk after work.

That's just one example of the fun stuff I get to do at work. :)

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