June 10, 2003

sco and smoking

Because I'm both a longtime user and fan of Linux (and the Open Source movement), I've been keeping up with the SCO controversy. I do get kind of annoyed at reading the same rehashed arguments over and over again, however. There are way too many overzealous pubescent over-caffeinated kids with not enough time away from the computer voicing their (cliched) opinions. Sure, SCO is acting like a childish doofbag; they're likely distorting or hiding something, but I find them humorous like a clumsy bully throwing blind punches after being poked in the eyes. I'm anxious to see what'll happen when IBM's deadline is up and the real fight begins. Then it'll be time for us to see how Linux's changelogs (and fully documented open source) can putteth the smakketch downeth. :)

On a different note, I was thinking about smoking. No, not like that. I was stuck in traffic (actually, I was getting on an on-ramp), and I thought about all these products to help stop people from smoking. So, what's supposed to happen when so many people stop smoking that people won't need these quit-smoking products anymore? It reminds me of something my friend had at Pitzer--it was a "club" consisting of single males, and its goal was to try to get its members girlfriends. Basically, the goal of the club was the elimination of the club.

Now, conspiracy theorists might think that members of the tobacco industry are actually behind these quit-smoking products. Oh, that'd be a sneaky tactic indeed: profitting off of the anti-smokers. That way, they can make money from the people who are getting off of their products too. There is, however, the problem of how to leech off more of people's money once they're done with both the cigarettes and the patches. Hmm...

Then, I have my thoughts about multi-national corporations--but that's a topic for another day.

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