June 06, 2003

higher tech

Somewhat-sorta-not-so-recently, I got my first cellphone. In March, I'd borrowed the family's free-for-all phone; it had an old plan on it with 15 minutes each month and rollover minutes. That thing was rollin' over minutes for something like two years! Well, after March was over, it turns out I'd used over 300 minutes on the phone; I'd basically sucked up all the rollover minutes saved up on it!

So, I decided it was high-time I got my own thingamabobber. Since I'll be going to Kyoto in the fall, I figured it wouldn't be practical to get a contract plan. After researching and doing a little math to find out what a rip-off prepaid phones are, I found MetroPCS which gives me unlimited minutes at a flat rate. Oh, what yumminess!

Oh, but wait, there's more. I parted with some more of my Benjamins when I finally got myself a Canon S200. I've been wanting that baby for a while, and I saw a great deal posted by the ferengi on FatWallet. It still doesn't snap as fast as I wish it would, but I'm not one to complain (too much). It's taken a slew of
good pictures, and I love doing black and white and daytime "flower" pictures. I'm still having a few difficulties with dark settings
and indoor shots... I think that's because I'm just sort of a bad photographer. There's still more that this young grasshopper must learn.

I keep saying I'm going to get myself an Apple iBook before I go to Japan; a geek like me needs his own computer! I mean, what if I suddenly get those old 3am code cravings again? Also, it should be fun to goof off with in on the long plane ride there. I need to watch my budget, though, since I still have to reserve money for actually living in Japan. Oh, but Small Dog's cheap prices make it oh-so tempting.

Moreover, in preparation for that great journey over the ocean, I've also been reading a couple blogs to try to gain some more knowledge to my ever-expanding cranium of conundrums. First, there's a certain gai-jin girl named Kristen
who lives and works in Tokyo who gives tidbits and tips on living in Japan. She also makes certain observations that I find funny. And then there's an actual Japanese girl named Norry whose English is not-quite perfect and subtly amusing. I think it's great that I can read her thoughts about her daily life: thank goodness it's in English!

Ah, I love technology. :)

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