May 29, 2003

alpha thal trait

At last, I get some decent answers.

So, my doctor's been bugging me for a while about my cholesterol. Apparently, he considers my cholesterol level too high; each time I go see him, he refers me to go get my blood drawn and tested and later gives me a lenghtly lecture about heart disease. A couple weeks ago, he was also yabbering to me about how I had small red blood cells and too many of them. He then referred me to go see a hematologist--I didn't know that such a profession existed!

Today, at 2pm was my appointment. The office looked like it was in some concealed corner of the building, and the reception desk's window was closed with tainted glass. Not exactly the most inviting of places.

When I ended up speaking with the secretary and nurses, however, I got a whole different light. The nurse who helped me to my room and chatted with me (and then undressed and spanked... err.. no no--naughty thoughts!) was very personable--and also an SFSU alumni! We had quite a long talk, but alas, the doctor eventually arrived.

The doctor, however, was also an interesting cat. He kept on cracking wry jokes, and he'd make comments once in a while that I wasn't sure were supposed to be funny or not.

Of course, he did end up telling me important things too. He told me not to worry about my cholesterol since my LDL/HDL ratio is below average; I knew my other doctor was a paranoid freak! Here's the big news, though: it turns out that I've got Thalassemia--I've got Alpha thal trait, to be more exact (I'm clueless about these big words!). He told me that I shouldn't worry about it since my hemoglobin level is good and I'm not anemic. This seems to be a common occurance in Asian blood. Also, he told me to not listen to people telling me to take more iron because of my small blood cells; also, to not take Vitamin C supplements. Ho-ho, I like this guy.

All-in-all, nothing to worry about. He did give me some good advice, though. I asked him if this Alpha-theta-whatnot was bad news. He warned me not to marry another person with Alpha thal trait since it could potentially make for broken babies. He also told me that when I meet girls to ask them two questions: "Do you have HIV?" and "Do you have Alpha thal trait?" and to just be safe and only see girls with blond hair and blue eyes.

Ah, nothing like some good medical care to keep you informed.

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