May 28, 2003

life after finals

Now that the semester's completely done with, I've got myself a crapload of free time on my hands. The plan right now is to work four days a week at IMP, which will be at night, and spend the daytime goofing off. Recently, I waddled into my old cafe at Barnes & Noble, and they want to hire me for a few days here and there. That sounds like a great way to pop in a few extra bucks without too much scheduling commitment. Also, I'm consdering taking summer school to fulfill some of those Gen. Ed. requirements.

Other than that, I'm a studious bastard as usual, continuing my reading of Flaubert's Parrot and probably picking up some other books along the way. I want to read back up on some American History. Also, general drunken goofing off also sounds good.

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