May 19, 2003

where are the words?

So, Doc, where are the words? Well, gee golly, Mister, I've been busy. But, Doc, I need your incessant bantering to fulfill my daily appetite for useless dribble and incomprehensible fibber-fabber. Really, Mister, I can't be troubled with your needs; I've gotta work hard for the sake of humanity! Doc, you disappoint me; here I am needing your help and all you can think about is helping humanity. Mister, that's all I can do right now; there's a whole world out there of brunching shuttlecocks, hanging monkeys, and shiny objects that needs me to be there for it. I don't know, Doc, that all sounds all confusing to me. Well, trust me, Mister, I'm working hard and doing my best to do what I can for the things that need me; maybe you'll understand someday. Hmm, you're a strange guy, Doc. Well, I'm an even stranger guy than you think, Mister. Doc, what do you mean? Mister, I mean what I mean, now get outta here; I got stuff that needs to be done!

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