April 27, 2003

my left hand is a rocking chair

I was planning on drinking on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; however, I only ended up drinking on Saturday and Sunday. Nonetheless, I had a wonderful weekend of trips, tales, and tantalizing titilations.

Friday night, after a hearty meal with the Kanji-bushi at an innovative corner of food titled Ichi Ban Kan where they serve both sushi and hamburgers (and have a television to watch the game with), I got to check out Rocco's pad. At everybody's favorite white trasher's place, we enjoyed a feisty fray of foozeball and followed it up with Nintendo playing to the sound of Alice Cooper and Boston. Oh man, I could feel the testosterone just oozing from my pores.

Saturday, I took the great pilgrimage to the Asian Art Museum where I was able to get the mad hook-ups from Kristine (thanks! you rawk!). The most incredible gallery was the jade room. Yes, the stones are amazing, but I spent quite a bit of time just staring at how they set the place up: how in the hell do they light them up like that? It was as if light was coming out from nowhere. If you get a chance, go there and check that out! Also, there's a magnificent piece on the side of the Japanese section of half of a rock with just-about-to-spill water. I can't describe exactly how it is, so you'll just have to be all Daoist and Just Do It yourself. Go check it out!

Saturday night, I met up with that drunkard Jon in Berkeley. Oh boy, did I have a drinkfest that night. First there was a curious apple drink, followed up by a bottle of Heini, then a few rounds of some mystery keg beer. By then, I'd already lost half consciousness. Then someone slapped out the smoke inhalation device, and an hour later I'm sitting on the floor blinking incessantly while believeing that my left hand had turned into a rocking chair--I could not stop rocking it back and forth! All that, and my stomach was still intact, and I woke up without a hitch.

Sunday night, it's Carol's birthday! I get my first visit to the Pyramid Ale House in Berkeley: wow, the place is gorgeous. It's a big grandiose colorful piece of art. Anyhow, I got to delve into she who is Carol and meet some of those whom she knows. Some of them were old (real real real old! ;P). There was the wine master, then the airplane master, and then the Shakespeare master. Oh, the great wonders that beer can do to bring people together!

Oh, yes, and I treated myself to some new CD's. I got the Best Of Dire Straits, the Best Of Scorpions, and the Baddest of George Thorogood.

And, word about my Japanese studies? I have been kicking Japanese ass!

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