April 20, 2003

four twenty

Thursday was my bud Miral's around-the-sun-another-year day. We were working Wednesday night, so when we got off work at 1:30am, we whizzed off to the nearest Safeway. Five minutes before 2am, we made our purchase of a giant box of MGD to head back to his shack for mini-festivities. We ended up shootin' darts and then later I got my first games of Japanese-style mahjong. When we finally looked at the clock, it was 5am. Crap, I had school and work the next day too!

Saturday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I had a blast going down to Japantown's annual Sakura Matsuri. Last year, I remember going and getting quite drunk. This year, I stayed relatively sober (they were giving out free sake!), I had some tako-yaki, and I bumped into my Kanji sensei with her daughter! I think it's funny that the booth vendors were greeting me in Japanese.

Today, I was planning on going to the newly rennovated Asian Art Museum; it turns out, however, that some problems arose and I'll be going next weekend instead. Everything always works out, though. I re-watched American Beauty (love that movie!), and I've got time to study my Kanji now. :)

My Japanese has only been progressing moderately lately. I know I'm always saying this, but I'll say it again: I wish I could progress at a faster pace. I feel like I'm back in my old math nerd days when the information just wasn't working with my brain. Japanese has always been like this for me, though: these boughts of ups and downs. Welp, today I'll rise from the dead!

"They call me the seeker. I been searchin' low and high!"

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