March 31, 2003


Be excited. Be very excited. Kids, I've got tasty treats for you guys today.

While scrounging around and cleaning my room, I came upon my old sketchbook. Yes, behold all ye in wide wonder! My style's gone back and forth over the years from mathematically intricate details to clunky heaps of lead on grain to obscenely incomprehensible imagery. Unfortunately, I'll only share one of my old sketches with you at this time, ha!

This one's from junior high school, probably around the same time as when the infamous mini-Ivan photo was taken (damn you, Luis!). I never finished the thing, and I probably never will; I don't remember what I was trying to do anymore. Oh, I remember now: it's all about SEX SEX SEX!

Moreover, I've got a new screenshot up. I haven't done much work recently to make oppenheimer's desktop look particularly extravagant; however, he now has a fishtank complete with fish and rubber duckie.

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