March 27, 2003

shouting out to the warriors

My man Allyn Morton (more often known simply as Astrok) is currently stationed in Bahrain. The latest I heard from him was that there were petroleum bombs being ignited right outside his camp. I still remember playing WarCraft II and ARC (and, sure, sometimes some Age of Empires) with him; ah, what a team we made! Astrok, may safety find you in times of danger. We've still got some games we need to play together! Same goes for my other homeboy wuddup, stationed in Japan. You guys stay dry. The only dude kicking your asses should be me!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled broadcasting which, of course, includes more infatuation with Japanese stuff.

I've begun reading my first Japanese book in Japanese. I got myself a copy of Haruki Murakami's TV People, a collection of short stories which includes *gasp* TV People, one of the more prominent stories from The Elephant Vanishes and also the name of my crazy cool cat Misha's band (How cool is that, having a band named after a Murakami story). It's been rough, but I'm making through the reading at a slow and somewhat steady pace.

Speaking of Murakami, I found an interview with the other Murakami, Ryu Murakami (the dark and gloomy and yet more introspective of Japan guy). In it is touched upon the subject about the issue of identity and current youth culture in Japan. You know how much I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff about the Japanese society and people.

Bestowed upon me the other day was Keisuke Kuwata's Top of the Pops and Rock and Roll Hero albums. That bastard Daisuke's told me that this guy's the lead singer of Southern All Stars and that he's inspired by (woo!) Eric Clapton. If you can, try to find this dastardly kawaii song titled Kuri to Itsumademo. Also, there's Kagami, which reminds me of the sunlight through the window that hits your eye on the beautiful warm morning of idle leisures and flowery cheeks. There's so much beauty, it just thrills me to know that it all exists.

I'll end with an unusually semi-revealing heartfelt thought: a smile from my memory has shined to help me alight once more!

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