March 23, 2003

infernal affairs

Ah, it's been a while since I've bared my eyes to some good quality Hong Kong
action/drama cinema. Recently, however, the forces of coolness have bestowed upon me a viewing of Infernal Affairs. Now that's what HK cinema is all about! The story is about two undercovers: one is a cop deep in the triads and the other is a traid member deep in the police force. Both are working to discover the identity of the other, and both are so mixed up in their roles that they no longer have a clear idea of their own identities. Who does this remind you of? I give it a big whopping thumb up!

OK, kids, so tomorrow is the first day back to school after spring break. This past week has included activities such as bowling, motorcycling, occasional reading, off-and-on sleeping, the molestation of a vast number of fish at insanely early hours in the morning, and the obligatory drinking of booze.

Carol now has her very own blog! It's good to know that I can read it without having to decipher every other word from Internet shorthand.

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