March 06, 2003

the luckiest bastard there is

That's me. The past few weeks have been crazy for me, and I can feel something inside me that's shifting. I haven't felt these kinds of things in a while; I am planning on easing up on the people thing for a while until things have settled. Folks, this is going to be another milestone in my life! I'm excited. Are you?

Had lunch with Katherine, and we had a good chat about squibbles and squabbles. She's a funny gal.

After class today, I bumped into my old pal Daisuke. Freakin' awesome dude, and I just love hanging out with him. What was funny was that I was just thinking about contacting him to go drinking sometime, and the next thing I hear is some silly Japanese dude saying, "Ivan!" and it's that bastard. I end up meeting his friend Hiro, who wants me to recruit a pretty gal to be MC for the next Gakuensai. Hmm...!

When I get home, I find a letter from *surprise* 107.7 The Bone. I open it up, and it turns out that I'm the winner of four free tickets to the March 28th Bone Free For All at Paramount's Great America. Freakin' ROCK! Now, which three of you lucky bastards will I invite to come with me? :)

And then, later that night while at work, John La comes strolling into my cafe. Dang, I haven't seen that guy in a while. Also, Chandler from work is telling me all about how he's setup his own studio and has been running it for the past two years. Awesome! That's definitely some stuff I wanna check out.

Saturday night will be my last night of work at B&N. I'm planning on rolling out with some of the crew afterwards for some drinks in honor of me and my greatness. I'll miss all them folks!

I want a nice digital camera.

Alright ya blokes, that's it for now. Until next time, keep your noses clean.

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