February 10, 2003

nihon-go ninjitsu

I freakin' love going to school. I especially like the beginning of the semester when things start rolling and I end up meeting everyone and their cat. There's just so much I can learn and so many new people I can meet! Power to the people thing.

There are, however, some problems. I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do in a day. I want more time to study my Japanese, and this semester it looks as though I won't have time to meet with my conversation partner or tutor. I really want to super-charge my Japanese this semester.

And I haven't even had time to do any reading either, gah!

Nonetheless, it's great to see the ol' Kanji-bushi crew again. We setup shop in the Language Lab (our secret lair) everyday and there are always folks flowing in and out. The first day of class was like a big reunion party.

Ah, what a blast.

It seems that I have become quite popular in people's searches for I am a banana. A big yelping 'hi' to all ye folks looking around for Bitter Films' Rejected. :)

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