January 23, 2003

cafe kung-fu

I love working at the cafe. I end up meeting so many folks from the store, not to mention the employees from the rest of the complex. I often get offered free meals from my man Marlex at Pasta Pomodoro. Folks from the AMC right next-door come over often to chat, and people from Pottery Barn and Banana Republic (sup, Sharon!) drop by often. It's just great seeing these folks around.

And tonight, our store had a customer appreciation night with free food and games/prizes for people. It was loads of fun! I didn't even feel like I was working: just goofin' off and trying to get customers to take the free coffee instead of ordering it from us (less work for me!).

It's also interesting observing people. For instance, tonight there was a couple that came in and the girl ordered something and the guy didn't get a thing, and yet he pulls out a 20 to pay. That freakin' cracks-me-up. I couldn't help but to grin while getting the AFC's change. And this happens pretty often. It always gives me a good chuckle.

On that note, I've got some unpleasant information for some people. Go watch Fight Club.

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