January 17, 2003

winter truckee trip '03

The Premise: three days of vacation.

The Plan: head to Truckee and carve tracks in snow with fat boards. Mayhem and malady.

The People: William, Kevin, and the guy holding the camera who only got an occasional photo of himself. Dumbasses.

The Plot: Upon arrival in Truckee (North Tahoe, near Reno), they find Charles' awesome cabin and head immediately for some twilight boarding at Boreal. William preps himself up, and Kevin keeps himself mellow with a few hits before hits on his ass. The other guy is notedly more excited than the others. That night on the hill proves to be excellent: the weather is comfortably lacking in extreme cold, and the lifts are line-less coupled with a sparsely populated and lightly-powdered hill. The group is giddy.

This rowdy bunch follows the evening's Boreal boarding butt-bashing with a search for an open pizza parlor until finally coming upon Round Table. They head back to the cabin. There, they settle their tensed bodies, gracious for chairs under their war-torn seats. A hearty, solemn-faced meal follows. Afterwards, the mandatory guzzling of beer is accompanied by chips/salsa and E.L. Fudge cookies while surfing through the unentertaining channels.

The first day ends.

The next day, one of them gets up and takes a few silly stretches (while looking like a dead man on the floor!). William gets up to do his own morning workout on the BowFlex. Then, it's time for coffee at a little award-winning cafe/bakery with a certified master baker.

After noon hits, they head to Donner without Kevin who lies in bed and has either gone too long without a hit or has fallen ill to some rare tropical disease. They down energy drinks
while bumpin' to Chemical Brothers. They do an exceptionally bad thing grinding down the One Mile Run and then searching for Hans Run which leads them to (1) a stupendously steep black diamond and (2) a stupendously powdered, ungroomed hill. After a recharge, the dumbasses take it to the top again. William lets the mountain know that he only wants peace. The other one demonstrates the art of falling.

When riding on the lift, one must always be a gentleman, crossing one's legs, and asking the chair behind you: "Pardon me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?"

And then, a great shadow comes across the land, enveloping all in its reaches, bringing our adventurers back into the safe confines of the cabin, where they would mend their wounded muscles. Food, beer, hot tub, and a showing of A Simple Plan with Gitane follows. And then, there is more general lounging around.

The next morning, there is yet even more general lounging around. What incredible sloths these folk be. And yet, they manage to clean up the bedroom and finish drinking their precious cran-tangerine juice.

And, after this simple fun and relaxing (and muscle-mending!) trip, they head up and out!

Thanks to Charles for letting us chill at his cabin! ROX!

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