February 24, 2004

lost about lost in translation

Hey, kids. In browsing around the Japan Today website, I came upon an editorial on Lost In Translation by a Japanese woman who's venting her anger at the movie.

Here's a curious thing she wrote:

All I saw in that movie were two bored and boring empty privileged Americans who can afford to stay and feel trapped for quite a long period of time in the most expensive hotel in Tokyo. It's quite hard for me to feel sympathy toward a man who earns "tons of money" from a commercial and thinks it's a very hard and unrewarding job, or toward a woman who can travel freely without a purpose and still complains. These people's problems are so out of touch from many people's lives.

On the contrary, I think these are things many people can relate to. Granted, most people aren't rich or actors, everyone can understand the sense of loneliness Bob and Charlotte felt. Just because a man makes lots of money doesn't mean he feels that his job is rewarding, and a woman travelling without purpose is very lonely indeed: because that's a life without purpose and without satisfaction. Really, when I read the above paragraph, I realized that this woman was taking this film from a completely different (and wacked out?) context.

One commenter there rebutted it quite well:

It's a movie about two foreigners who passed thru (yes, as in undigested) a country. [...] the country was utlized as a backdrop to the human condition. it was not, insofar as i know, a condemnation of japan, a documentary about japan nor a commentary -in a serious sense- about it.


Why is it so hard for some people to understand that people that seem to "have it all" often don't? I mean my friend Jen who used to cater weddings said that the bigger the reception, often the shorter the marriage. Cause yeah, I a life without purpose is a sad life, rich or poor. I loved the fact it took place in a fancy hotel, I have been in those places and they provide a unique backdrop to real surreal blankness. I mean that "bing" of the elevator in and of itself brings up feelings of images for me. Using that was brilliant.

#55 - Posted by: Carol at February 24, 2004 06:49 AM

Yup. :)

#57 - Posted by: Ivan at February 24, 2004 07:05 PM

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