February 16, 2004

valentine's day in japan

February 14th was something that sprung up in Japan sometime in the 60's, supposedly by conspirational chocolate companies. On this day, those of the female gender give chocolates to men; but, (ho-ho!) there's more to it than just that. You see, there are two kinds of chocolates: the kind that you give to someone just to be nice--maybe something like a co-worker; and also the kind that you give to someone that you really want to say that L-word to. How you tell the difference I'm not quite clear on, but I have my guesses.

It doesn't all end there! On March 14th, there's White Day in which the men who received these chocolates are to respond with their own sweets. Again, there are two responses; basically: "yes, I like you" (something special is given) or "no, I don't" (give her a 100yen something from the local 7-11). So, I guess girls have to wait a month for a response from their crushes.

Another social procedure written to foster non-confrontation and allowing people to save face! Enjoy your chocolates!


That is really interesting their Valentines thing. I get tired of all the angst surrounding Valentines here, I mean like it as a holiday but all these people just get so upset, either they're single or in a bad relationship and so they put all this stuff on Valentines. I mean hell it moves the economy so whatever! Plus I like the cards and the ecards (sent out a humorous one to some friends)

#29 - Posted by: Carol at February 17, 2004 04:37 AM

You wanna hear of another interesting holiday/relationship thing that Japan has? Christmas isn't a day for the family to gather together and sing songs and have yule-tide funs. Instead, it's a much much bigger deal for couples. My Japanese friend Ben describes it as Japan's version of America's Valentine's: guys give girls presents and then they get laid.

People who aren't in a relationship on Christmas day can be rather lonely, much like singles on Valentine's.

#30 - Posted by: Ivan at February 18, 2004 05:25 AM

"Ben describes it as Japan's version of America's Valentine's: guys give girls presents and then they get laid."

tee hee.

#31 - Posted by: Carol at February 18, 2004 06:51 AM

So Ivan, you didn't say ... how much chocolate did you get?

#32 - Posted by: Dave Patterson at February 19, 2004 01:44 AM

Damn! Someone asked!

I got a total of five; details about what kinds of chocolates they are shall remain unsaid!

(Also, hi Dave, and welcome to the discussion!)

#33 - Posted by: Ivan at February 19, 2004 05:22 AM


#168 - Posted by: happy at April 16, 2004 01:47 AM
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