February 16, 2004

the waseda crew rolls down

Last Friday, my good buddy Judah from San Francisco State who's studying abroad at Waseda University (a very prestigious school in Tokyo; it always impresses Japanese folks when saying the name of the school) came down to visit in Kyoto! Yay!

This past weekend was one of excrutiating partying and tiredness. Friday, a pack of us went to a club called World here in Kyoto where I was able to demonstrate my wingman prowess with slick success. Saturday, we were guestlisted for a club in Osaka with the help of DJ Yuta; strange venue... you know those girls way back a while ago in Tokyo that liked to get themselves tanned and Indian-like and then slapped some white/silver makeup on their faces? (they're called kogaru) Well, there were guys dressed like that there; and Japanese dudes having that long hair: just wasn't sure if those people were guys or gals.

And then there's Sunday. Waking up after two days of clubs at 2pm and getting stoked for... reserved bad-ass seating for Return of the King. The movie wasn't released here until Valentines, and we'd waited in line for something like two hours on Wednesday to get our tickets, but it was well worth the wait! (There's a theater here that lets you buy tickets before-hand and choose your seats while you're at it) I give it a 9/9.5!

I finally slid in a waffle of time to add in a little entry here (and maybe a little more).

Tonight, Monday, the rest of the Tokyo-ites arrive, and we're having a huge drinking party (something like 30-50 people are expected), and I did my best to invite all the estrogen possible to entertain my beloved buddies!


Isnt' return of the King the best? I loved it. I just saw Calendar Girls, maybe an old chicks movie but it rocked too.

Party til you drop!

#28 - Posted by: Carol at February 17, 2004 03:38 AM
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