February 02, 2004

what will i do with my life?

You see, the semester just ended last Thursday. Now, I have utterly and completely nothing to do but sit on my ass in my room, stare out the window, and do geeky computer things on my iBook. Oh, thrilling.

Thus, in my attempt at freeing myself from the chains of unstructured time, I shall construct a list. Hey, when all else fails, make lists!

Goals for the next 2 months:
Get a part-time job. And I don't mean just getting silly teaching jobs where I just spout out rambles in English. I wanna get a real job where I can pretend to know Japanese and do things like a real working Japanese folly. There's a prospect in sights where I may be able to sneak my way into the works at a new shopping center at an Italian restaurant. Hopes are up!

Finish all the books I got from Amazon. Reading is helping me sane in times of mental idleness. It can sometimes feel like I'm in an intellectual void, but I've got to remember that there's a language barrier too. I've got to keep my mind moving, or else it'll just be a helpless glob of jello by the time I'm done here.

Exercise. Bicycling, and that includes in the cold. Doing my daily routine of stretches. Occasional swimming, tennis, and other spontaneity can get thrown in there too. My brain's one muscle I've got to prevent from globulizing, and my body's full of other muscles that need the same discipline.

See more of Kyoto. With a little help from the bicycling from above, I should start trimming down the sites of the city and feel more productive with my time.

Alright, that's a whole lot to do for now. Time to get out there and do some of it!

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