January 25, 2004

let's spread the word; the word is sickness

Oh, deary me. Kobe did something to me. See, let me explain about the weather we've been having around here. First, think about Hell. Now, do you have the image and feeling of all that pain and torturous burning rooted deep down into you yet? Take that immense idea of suffering and scorchedness like millions of tiny sharp nails pulling at your skin and dwell on that for a bit.

There, now that you've got that in your head, think of instead of it being hot that it were cold. That's right, a frozen Hell. Shit, it's been so goddamned cold here!!!

So when I got back home that night, I'd already felt The Evil creeping on my skin; I could feel it in my pores! By the next morning, I knew the inevitable had come, and I'd been consumed by The Evil! I spent the whole day in bed, and when I made attempts to plow my way to the W.C., I had to brace against the walls to prevent myself from becoming too friendly with my carpet. Damn, it's been some prime sufferin' these past few days. Had to even get my friend to help me buy groceries cause I couldn't even make it out the door much less to the super by myself.

Some others have been hit by The Evil as well: John La, Bambi, and Cyanide. Get better, ya sick puppies!



I hope you are feeling better! Crapola! Red wine is a good anti bacterial :-)

We miss you over here. Hey Jacob might tutor again!
I hope so we need some life in the place.

#8 - Posted by: Carol at January 26, 2004 03:55 AM

That bw and his e-flu..
I've been infected! aghhhhhhhhhh!!!!
nose running non-stop like a faucet..

#9 - Posted by: Habib at January 26, 2004 05:49 PM
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