January 22, 2004

chinese new years in japan

Today is Chinese New Years! Unfortunately, Japan doesn't follow by the Lunar calendar. Instead, it has a funky system dealing with the reign and deaths of emperors. For instance, on official documents, I have to remember to fill out my birthday as the 55th year of the Showa emperor's reign.

So, New Years for Japan is just like us crazy Americans: on January 1st.

But I, coming from Chinese descent, am inclined to (and homesick to!) have some sort of celebration for the year of my zodiac. So, I have plots to go to Kobe's Chinatown tonight to have some almost-authetic Chinese food for dinner. I might even get some of that nice jello-like stuff (neen goh) that my grandma makes every year.


Happy New Year!!!

Berkeley misses you!

#7 - Posted by: Carol at January 23, 2004 05:25 AM
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