November 10, 2002

liquid black death

No, I'm not talking about oil, you silly kids. I'm talking about what I make at work: coffee. I've begun developing my barrista skills, and very soon shall I be able to make espresso and dance around like Tom Cruise simultaneously. This week will be the hardcore training, so I'll probably be wired with caffeine for the most of it from testing my own drinks.

Also at my arubaito, I was helping sort through the Sports section, and I got a good laugh whenever I came upon a selection from the Hunting category. What follies induced such humor in me? Well, there was one or two books that I could swear should have been in the cooking section but were in Hunting instead; there are also a good number of books on turkeys.

Last night, some friends had a party to celebrate their newborn girl's one month of life (you go, Ken!). Maybe I'll be able to get some pictures from him later. Anyhow, I was talking with their first kid, three year old Matthew, and he's such a genius: he loves BMW's and can tell the difference between the series. That kid is going places.

Here, have a link to entertain yourself.

Oh, yes, and the pictures page has been updated with some Halloween goodies.

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