November 03, 2002

sick and twisted

I am freakin' bookshelf master. On saturday, at 8am, the Emeryville Barnes and Noble welcomed its employees to slit open boxes and bombard its shelves with a monsterous array of books. I, with my power, energy, and enthusiasm, was unphased by the daunting task before us. In fact, I quite enjoyed hauling the dead trees around, mingling with co-workers, and ending up being sore by the time we finished off everything and left at 4pm.

Well, of course, that was not to be the end of such a glorious saturday. When I returned home to clean myself up some, I took a disco nap (ooh, new vocabulary I've learned); then, I was off to Miral's shindig. He has a jack-o-lantern with the face eating a baby--wtf!? His place is this puny little box, and he had two TV's showing various movies like Austin Powers and Mission: Impossible while music waved through the place and he stammered about in his... err... bumblebee outfit. (Yes, you bastards, pictures will be up--be patient, I need to get them developed!)

Sometime this week, all insanity shall break loose when I get a chance to attend Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. Ah, quality animation at its crudest.

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