October 28, 2002

surrounded by rising suns

Tonight, there was a showing of the original Japanese version of The Ring at school. Oooh, scary scary. I think I liked Dark Water better, though. We had like a small clan of Japanese 103 students there; what a bunch of freaks we be.

I am experimenting with a new way of studying my Japanese. Here's what I do. If I'm studying new vocabulary, I imagine that I'm in a theater and I concentrate on an English word being in big bold letters on the screen. Then, the word slowly fades and is replaced by the Japanese equivalent. I do a similar trick when studying Kanji, but with those I do this thing where I visualize the connections between vertices in the character. So far, it's been working quite well. It's sort of a psychological trick I learned while doing some of the people thing--basically, building associations between things in the mind.

I've established contact with my Japanese conversation partner now. Hey, maybe one of these days I'll be able to hold a decent conversation! I'm excited!

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