October 27, 2002

post-hell weekend

Welp, it was a hard week, but it seems that I've made it out alive. And after it was over... it was time for a nice break!

Yesterday was Red Bull's Flugtag in San Francisco (well, yes, I guess there was also that anti-war protest there too). There were a many-good number of folks there, and it was all a barrel of laughs. I especially enjoyed one group's flying squirrel contraption as well as another group's good use of surgical tubing to project a man on a skateboard... and of course, the Austin Powers group with their giant martini glass of a flying machine.

Sometime afterwards, it was time to trek to San Lorenzo for Sean's halloween party. I originally wanted to dress as Mao Tse Tung after finding a place that sold replicas of his hat, but I couldn't find a shirt/jacket that would work. So, I abandoned that and just disguised myself as a Chinese man. I'll be sure to get pictures up for all of you, my humble servants, in due time.

Somewhere in-between there, the Giants lost game 6, but we won't talk about that.

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