October 23, 2002

send in the relief ivan

I am currently in the midst of a Hell Week.

Sunday night, I took a trip into San Francisco's mission to view a couple of films that the San Francisco Film Society were showing at the Roxie: Dark Water and Inugami. I was scared.

Monday night was orientation for Barnes and Noble. Yay, I earned $15 for sitting around and filling out forms for 2 hours.

Tuesday night, last night, my paper for Japanese History was due. There were a few small problems, however: I hadn't finished reading the Tale of Genji and Tale of the Heike, the primary sources for my paper; and I didn't have a clear idea on what the heck I wanted to write. But, fret not, my dear fans! 17 years in the institution of education didn't teach me nothing: I was able to finish up the 6 page (pssh, child's play) paper by 4:30am when I only had 2 paragraphs at midnight and also a thesis revision at 2am. I am mastah.

So, that brings us to today. Today, I had an important lunch. Tomorrow, I have to perform my skit for Japanese. And tomorrow night, I've got first day of training for B&N (whee!). And, oh crap, I have a midterm for Kanji on friday.

I shall face Hell head-on. Foul beasts and demons, beware!


Yo yo yo Ivan,

Remember an old Pitzer folk?

I am in the East-Bay (work in Pleasanton) and will be here for a while.

We should hang out!!



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