October 15, 2002

shigito suru

Peet's Coffee didn't want me. Walden Pond didn't want me. All those bastard on-campus jobs didn't want me. But now, my talents may be properly used at the new Emeryville Barnes & Noble. Yes, folks. Last week, I applied for the job with a simple interview. Yesterday, I received a call to go in for the second round of interviewing. I call today and setup the interview for an hour later (I wasn't doing anything important anyways, pssh, who needs preparation?). I get there, and I am the freakin' king: no question is beyond the magnificent stride of my rhetoric and wit. I am master of the universe. She is impressed; she is charmed. The awesome skills I've learned from the people thing came in considerably handy. Anyhow, I think I was pretty much set from there: she just needed to call a reference and get back to me. A few hours later, I get a call, and I got the job. :)

Oh, what do I do? I get to work the espresso machine and all that other cafe serving goodness. I am thrilled!

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