September 19, 2002

post-hawaii, part deux

Ah, finally, the pictures are here!

It's been a while, so excuse me for being abrupt.

Well, let's see... I was in Honolulu for three days, and, us being the good tourists that we are, we visited the U.S.S. Arizona. I also went to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the other side of Oahu, where I learned oodles about the various cultures (Sumerians rock!); also, I got to throw spears and (attempt to) juggle poi balls. Oh, yes, and we visited the beach a few times and did a little shopping.

Then, it was time to hop over to the airport for an inter-island flight to Maui; I suggested catapulting people between islands would be much more efficient, but I guess no one else liked the idea.

We established ourselves at a resort, and I quickly held camp at the beach with my copy of Wild Sheep Chase.

At Maui, I got to see some mucho impressive panoramics, many of which I was able to pose with that overused hang-loose gesture. Of course, there was just some general random silliness, including putting my arms through my shorts. Mainly, it was a lot of sitting on the beach, driving around to see rocks and more rocks, and posing for pictures.

All-in-all, it was a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, that was a month ago. :)

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