September 09, 2002

various stuff and things

Don't get the Sourdough Burger at Burger King: the bun is freakin' drenched in oil. That defeats the purpose of the bun: to keep the hands clean of the gook from the meat/sauces; as one of my friends put it quite gracefully, "it's like an edible wrapper."

Went to the #20 A's game. Increbidle game! My throat was sore for a few days afterwards.

I saw Mulholland Drive. It's not confusing if you're able to move the timeline around (think Memento). Also, the blue key!

I also saw Bourne Identity. I'm a fan of Matt Damon (and Ben Affleck has no hair). I liked the "body surfing" near the end. :)

This past sunday, I went to the showing of Surprise Party at KIMA's Korean Film Festival in Berkeley. Hehe, bubbly goody-2-shoes romantic comedy.

I'm working on getting those Hawaii pics up, you bastards! It's difficult when Japanese continues to assu kikku shite imasu!!

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