July 30, 2002

they call me the seeker, i been searchin' low and high

Friday. I finally got a chance to try out Hahn's Hibachi in Jack London Square. I originally thought it was a Japanese restaurant, but it turns out that it's Korean BBQ. I had a yummy shrimp platter and my friend had the beef--she had a bit of trouble finishing hers though! Also, they give you Korean melon gum at the end of the meal. Tasty. :)

Satuday. My father's side of the family got together in Daly City for a sort of family reunion. It turns out that one of my cousins is also a student at SFSU. Also, one of my uncles, Maurice, used to cycle competitively in the area; he pointed out some fun facts while we were watching Armstrong win his fourth Tour de France. Real fun guy.

Sunday. The San Francisco Symphony held a free concert in the park; members of the Voltron Crew, myself included, picnic'ed a bit there (it was crowded!) with wine, crackers, cheese, and a baquette. They played Rhapsody in Blue, whee! We moved on to throwing a frisbee that looks like a yarmulke--well, that is, until we lost it in the shrubberies. We then strolled over to the Gelato Classico Italian where I ordered a cup of Honey Lavender ice cream: I wasn't sure what to expect, and I got what I expected. :) Then we proceeded to Park Chow where I had the best freakin' lasagna that I've ever had the honor of tasting.

Monday. I took my morning jog: now that I don't have class, I've got time to run again! Also, I've been meaning to re-establish myself at a local coffee shop; when I was still a Berkelanian, I was a regular at Espresso Experience. Well, today, I paid my first visit to Cafe Di Bartolo (OK, I really thought it was Jenny's Cafe earlier, poo!), right next-door to Walden Pond: friendly service, and I found out that the owner is a fan of Sinatra. After my book and latte (and my friend passing by who called me a Bohemian), I headed over to the Montclair golf course's driving range (erg, the swing on my 5 wood wasn't looking too good). And tonight, I met with friends at Danville Bowl; the place was nice except the computer scoring the games was completely out of whack, and I noticed that they didn't spray the shoes with anything after we gave them back--hmm!

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