July 27, 2002

any friend of janie's is a friend of mine

It finally came to pass that I experienced American Beauty, the film an acquaintance named Dan at Pitzer remarked about to me while I sat on a hammock on one fine sunny day, saying, "Ivan, you should watch American Beauty. I think you'll really like it." Meanwhile, I was thinking, "This guy hardly knows me; how does he know I'll like it so much?" I liked it; and it reminded me of Fight Club.

Also, some of the Voltron Crew recently joined forces to battle the evil powers of The Tree with the use of an Association Football (aka Soccer) sphere on the Berkeley campus grounds. Working in concert with The Tree was a stealthy foe known as The Sprinkler. And now, it seems there's to be some classy cultural Voltron action this weekend! Yum!

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