July 18, 2002

a hole in one, or two, or three...

So, Tuesday I had my first (half) game of golf in a long time. We'd played the first eight holes at Tilden, and then visibility just shot down to oblivion: the fog was thick, and the sun was pretty much down. I guess I didn't play too badly. :P

And Wednesday night, the A's were giving out points (literally) left and right to the Angel's. I got three $1 hot dogs, though!

Speaking of hand-outs, CDR's stereo has been gaffled! Taken was the old-school raggedy Alpine stereo, two used $5.99 Blink182 albums, used John Lee Hooker's Best of Friends CD (I hope that whoever has it now really enjoys it, because I think Hooker has a unique flavor of blues guitar that's quite good and quite unappreciated), and the emergency $2 toll money.

And as adventerous as my life may be, I still like to spice things up some more with the tales of others! Just the other day, I watched Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo: kick-ass samurai film! I've begun to enter, again, into the psychotic mind of Haruki Murakami--this time, paging through his Sheepman-covered Dance Dance Dance. If I begin acting strange these next few days, Dance Dance Dance is the reason why. And what would you say can rival my great adventures? Well, amazing adventures, of course! So, I'll soon be delving into Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay!

Oh, and watch out for Chinese fish with primitive lungs: pretty soon, we'll be seeing fishmen walking around! Beware!

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