January 19, 2004

movin' on over

I've decided and started moving my scribble (I don't even think people know I call them that!) entries into a real kind of system instead of using my dinky PHP scripts. And in doing so, I have to manually add my old archive of entries onto the new system. So, things will be messy around here for a week or so.

(It used to be pretty popular to put those "under construction" images on webpages; I guess they've gone out of fashion because people finally realized that those images never got taken off their sites.)

Hey, I've even gone so far as to let people post comments(!). Please use this newfound power for good and not evil (I had my reasons for not allowing it before, and I'll have a trial run with it for now!).


Hey, glad to be able to comment. J Lin's page is great, I didn't realize he was still involved with the OCF, good for him.

#2 - Posted by: Carol at January 20, 2004 03:23 AM
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