July 06, 2002

anime expo 2002

Welp, I'm back from AX; I was only able to attend two days this year due to some scheduling mishaps on my part. I wish I could still be down there right now. :(

So, what did I do and see? After registration and opening ceremony, I sped into the dealer's room. It seems like folks are beefing up their booths now. Pioneer had a big corner of the room with their Hellsing promotions. Suncoast had a great spot, complete with screen and beanbags to sit in while you watched. ADV was out flashing Robotech left and right, along with XBoxen out for people to twiddle with the new Robotech game. Oh, yes, and everyone sure got a kick out of the two perky J-girls greeting everyone passing by their booth; come to think of it, I don't even know what company they were with!

After wandering about a bit, and being denied my Puffy AmiYumi autograph (they only let people who bought CD's to get one, bastards!), I got into the panel with Ah! My Goddess folks Hiroaki Goda and Hidenori Matsubara (gooo, Gainax!). Goda's an especially spunky guy. You know, there sure are a lot of guys obsessed with Beldandy; one person I met in line was holding a $600 Beldandy cel.

I also got a chance to wander over to the Tokyopop tent with their awesome replica of Takumi's Trueno (except the wheel was on the wrong side). And I was able to meet Mamiko Noto: she has the most incredibly kawaii gestures--a really fun gal!

Well, as for the various cosplayers I got a snap at, there were the Kenshin Girls who were first in line for both the Watsuki panel and autograph session; my favorite Saito of the show (love the hair); Sanosuke with a (possibly) to-scale sword; Evangelion's Unit-01 berserking around; Vash and Wolfwood if they both had sex changes; one or two well-done sailor scouts; and then there was some strange hypnotic trancing action too.

Friday morning, I awoke early to squish in line for the Anime Music Video Contest tickets. Unforunately, there were some serious technical troubles, and after waiting outside the theater that night while watching someone strip-tease to stall time (taking off both shoes and his shirt), then joining in on chants such as "Let us in!" and "Hur-ry up!" (I'm surprised no one yelled out for the notorious chair), we were eventually let in to the theater after an hour and a half wait. Once everyone got into the theater, we continued to wait, and people started throwing paper airplanes; some of the more technically advanced ones managed to glide across the theater, causing much praise and applause. We even started doing the wave back and forth, again, cheering after each successful completion; once, Watsuki got on stage to lead us! Ah, but alas, the technical difficulties were not to be solved, and I was to end my last day of AX2002 with a bit of discontent at not being able to complete one of my favorite
events of the con.

Alas, so it is: until next year!

Oh, and I got my fair share of autographs. :)

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