June 23, 2002

'tis the season to be busy

I went to the Anita Mui concert. Ah, good ol' Chinese concerts with singers that have been on stage longer than I've been alive. Lots of fun without the worry of getting shoved around in the mosh!

After finishing Hard-Boiled Wonderland, I had nothing interesting to flip through. I was going to drop by the book store and perhaps pick up another Murakami (or one of those will-read-in-future books on my list), but then the sister decided to recommend Chronicles of Narnia to me and threw the first book at me. Welp, so now I'm going through that.

Last friday, I watched Minority Report. Good film: go watch it. :)

Oh, yes, and AX is next week! Long Beach awaits my arrival! You may have noticed I haven't watched anything in a while. Well, I keep myself busy with various other things. Hey, maybe I'll catch up on things at the Expo.

In other news, today I was cooking pasta. Now, you see, I'm not one to follow directions (such as recipes) very often and instead have a tendency to go off into inventive tangentals. So, today, I made Tomataroni: Tomatoed Macaroni. Delish!

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