June 17, 2002

return of the jedi

Alright, so I got back on Sunday, not today. What can I say: I've got more pressing matters than updating my website a google times a day!

Some of you may have noticed that I've finished Heartbreaking Work and started Hard-Boiled Wonderland. As I noted in my log, Eggers isn't really all that and a bag of chips like some people may say he is. I do like the one page where he spells out the symbolism in the book for you, however.

So, what did I do in the great north yonder of Toronto? Of course, I met up with old friends and ate
too much freakin' food. I also met up with new folks, such as a dude we call Gortex; and there was also a whole slew of new cool cats that I went to dinner and dance with.

Speaking of dinner and over-eating, I had the luxury of going to a trendy place in Toronto called Marche twice! The place is like a little market (it even smells like one!) where you walk from stand to stand and order foods. It's a pretty impressive concept!

And I also had a good time roaming around the halls of secret underground tunnels; that network they've got down (err, up) there is incredible. I've mentioned this to some people before: playing Capture-The-Flag in a mall. Now, down in these tunnels, CTF would be awesome. As I walked along those halls, I kept imagining running around with a BFG shooting down imps....

Anyhoo, I'm back! So everyone can rejoice and celebrate! Meanwhile, one of my best buds has just left for Japan to party like the crazy
he is! (You better send me pics, darnit!)

(note: the "eh" is a lot like the "ne" in Nihon-go :P)

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