June 11, 2002

sound in the night: part deux

The past few nights, I've been lazy and haven't been staying around to look for the elusive Phantom Sound. There are some who claim to have heard it before the designated 2am: I am doubtful!

But! there's been a breakthrough tonight! At 2:04am, I set up shop: pulling up the blinds and placing a chair with a good view of the street. After a good amount of restlessness (and a good long piss!), 2:11 arrived, and so did an old-school Corolla (did you know they call those things "Corona"s in Japan?). It drives onto my street from a perpendicular street [figure] (see pink line in figure). So, I'm just thinking, this is a regular ol' car driving around at night: doesn't sound strange, just an ordinary engine sound. Well, here's where it gets funky; the car stops at Point A and throws a newspaper at Apartment C. At this point, the Corolla slaps itself into reverse and backs up the hill (purple line in figure), all the while making a strange whirring noise, until it turns into Point B. Then, it gets back into gear and rides on up the hill in normal fashion; meanwhile, I'm at Point D, watching/hearing in amazement.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen: I have seen the source of the Phantom Sound.

At this point, I just had to find out what newspaper is being delivered at 2am every morning. I snuck out and took a peek (with the possibility of being seen and labelled a newspaper thief; oh! the danger!) to find out that it's the New York Times!

Another case solved by everyone's favorite hero!

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