June 01, 2002

it's june!

It seems like some of you folks are pining for an update. Fear not, my adoring fans, I'll not leave you stranded in the dark world that is without moi! (Sometimes, I just don't feel like updating, though, so ha! Neener, neener!)

I finished Wind-Up Bird Chronicle a few days ago, and I thought it enjoyable. Murakami writes like he's sneakily growing a tree; and as it grows, he sneaks around, stringing the branches together. Now, I said I was gonna move on to Heartbreaking Work, but I've been side-tracked by Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene--such fas-kin-ating ideas! I promise, I'll do Heartbreaking Work next!

Thursday night, I visited an interesting venue in San Francisco known as Shanghai 1930. The first thing I see when I step into the door is a big red carpet leading me down into this underground hide-out of a restaurant/bar. I felt so sneaky just being there! That aside (well, not that that's necessarily a bad thing :P), the place is tre cool: blue backlit bar, live jazz band playing, extremely classy decor, and just overall stylin' atmosphere. Sweet!

And a few doors down is another classy place, Ozumo. This place has a huge sushi bar--with a view of the bay! The whole place is done in Nihon-style, and the seats against one side of the wall near the bar has pillows and seating so you can fold your legs up (and have some sake!). More sweetness!

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