May 21, 2002

fainoru no toki, spring 2002

Heyo, it's finals time; but of course, that didn't stop me from going to watch Attack of the Clones last week. Whee! Speaking of copying, before my Japanese final, my sensei asked us all to show our palms to make sure we didn't write cheats on our hands (hehe!). She's such a funny character, and she gave me a little sumo clay sculpture too. :D

Also, China is saying they can get
a man on the moon
by 2010. I personally think they can do it; they have the motivation and the ability to develop the technology. They want to show the world that they can do this: it's a matter of pride. What's more is that they want to build a moonbase up there. Now, what I really like about this is that it's like telling the US: "Hey, we're gonna beat you folks." I get a feeling that if China keeps going in this direction, the US is gonna be forced to start moving its space program instead of slugging along the snail it has now. Let's hope the fat cats in DC start feeling the heat of competition (again).

And here's another bit, I recently came upon this interesting piece of monetarium:

Think you've got all of what's been in my head? Ha! Think again! I was wondering if there's a better way to design bottles. You know how when you get to the bottom of shampoo/lotion bottles, there's always that smidgen at the end that you just can't get. Of course, you can (like I do) turn the thing upside-down so next time everything will be conveniently at the "good" end. But, what about designing bottles in such a way that you don't have to do clumsy upside-down turning and still be able to get every last drop? Perhaps there can be some sort of simple air pressure system within the bottle, or perhaps the inside of the bottle can be coated with some slick substance (of course, that still won't ensure that *all* of the stuff will get out). Hmm, something to think about.

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