May 09, 2002

the japanese presentation

Every student in my Japanese class is required to do a presentation in Japanese. Some people did show-and-tell. My sensei suggested that I present a current event. Well, I read Mainichi News on a semi-regular basis, and I consider them to be a pretty legitimate news source, so I thought it'd be good to get something from there. Anyways, I found out this Monday that my presentation was the next day (Tuesday)!

Well, at this point, I didn't have much time to find too much, but I'd recently stumbled upon a very interesting article on Mainichi. I wrote up a little bit of stuff in Japanese and presented it on Tuesday.

The reactions I received were a mixture of shock, anger, and (what I'd hoped) laughter. I'd like to point out there was one girl in the class I call Ms. Druggie (yes, she's actually a junkie) who found it respectful to tell everyone not to clap.

The next day, I arrive and Ms. Druggie is talking like they were just already talking about something and raises her voice to say "you know, personally, I think yesterday's class was pretty nasty." I respond with, "Ohaiyo Gozaimasu! :)"

What's funny is that on Wednesday, on the shuttle back from school, I hear some guy telling this other guy the whole presentation I gave. I guess word gets around quick. :)

u p d a t e - 05.10

Ms. Druggie did her presentation today on the movie Battle Royale, and it was stopped short by the sensei because it was too violent! Ha!

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