May 05, 2002

skewered meats and cider drunkery

I was beckoned to join a group of fine Chinese immigrants (aka F.O.B.'s) for a BBQ today, so I went along. It was a new type of crowd, and a new kind of environment, and it was fun! Sure, I really couldn't talk that much (poor ABC boy like I can't say too much), but it was cool nonetheless. Sometimes, I wanted to say something, but didn't want to say it in English, and I ended up not saying anything cause I couldn't figure out how to say it right. Foo!

Anyways, I was going to play Mahjong with them tonight, but I had some problems with my car, so I wasn't going to risk getting stranded. Also, I had something planned for 9, which leads me to...

Later, I went to the Albatross with some folks. Hey, you can see Chiosinh with me. And also, Vince was there; he ended up drinking four glasses of cider, and we had a good time playing darts, pool, and fondling the statue. Ah, goofballs galore. :)

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